Project Description

Shaya Wahnon

Wellbeing Worker

What people appreciate about me

  • Can always lighten up the mood and bring in a good atmosphere
  • I care about anyone and am genuinely kind to people
  • Great sense of humour and like to make people laugh
  • Very respectful to people

What matters to me

  • Being able to be there for my friends when they need me
  • Helping others and being able to bring a smile to their face genuinely makes me happier than most things I do
  • Free time is a must. Currently between University, assignments and work free time is only a few hours a week. Having time to relax with T.V., games, spending the day with friends or my niece Emma are well needed
  • Seeing my best friend Keanu. He lives in Norfolk and we both work and I have University to so we can only see each other around once a year. A week off to see him is a blessing in disguise
  • Being able to bring a smile to someone’s face and make their day better
  • Whether a random hug or giving money to a homeless person, or even a high five. Making someone else smile lightens up my day
  • A guy’s night in! Since my main group of friends went to work or University we don’t see each other often. So a night in with a few drinks and cards games is very enjoyable.

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