Project Description

Margaret Gibbings


What people appreciate about me

  • Honest
  • Listener
  • Team player
  • Responsive
  • Approachable

What matters to me

  • Keeping in touch with my two sons and daughter a few times per week by phone and text messaging. They think their Mother is ‘crackers’ sometimes and are always asking ‘what have you done now’ as I’m always talking to different people.
  • I prefer to people to be honest and not hide how they are feeling as I can help put things right then.
  • To provide a high quality service, so I can help people feel better and safe.
  • Things are always changing and it is important that I am up-to-date with the latest knowledge and training, so that I can provide a service to the best possible standard. 
Little things matter to me and recently I supported Eric who hadn’t seen his Daughter for many years – I made contact and Eric was so happy to see her before he passed away.
  • Giving and taking medication correctly is crucial to me as it can effect some ones health and wellbeing; it can be life threatening. I like to make sure I know what the medication is for and when it should be taken. I always take time to read the information about the medication I’m giving or taking.
  • Chatting to everyone and getting to know them, whatever walk of life they come from as it’s important to be open-minded.

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