Project Description

Kim Bridgman

Wellbeing Worker

What People like about me

  • Positive personality – I am very bubbly and like to keep things positive and don’t like conflict
  • I am very chatty and like a good natter
  • I am a good listener also and like being there for others and enjoy hearing people’s stories.
  • I am very understanding

What is important to me

  • Listening and understanding what people want and need to ensure I am giving them the care they require.
  • Being respectful of others.
  • Spending time with my family. I have 5 grandchildren, 3 live near Manchester and 2 live in Portsmouth. My mum is 87 and lives in West Sussex; she is a huge part of my life so seeing her regularly is really important to me.
  • Spending time with my partner Martin and our dog Dotty, a Cavalier King Charles. We love taking Dotty for walks, gardening and watching Rugby – we support our local Paignton Rugby Club.
  • Martin and I love travelling also and in 2016 we went to Singapore, Bali and Thailand.

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