Project Description

Kelly Davies

Wellbeing Worker

What people appreciate about me

  • Positive personality – always smiling
  • Organised
  • Good timekeeper
  • Good listener

What matters to me

  • Spending time with my 2 cats, Hugo and Mylo and my partner David. Whether it’s on the sofa watching films or out in the garden.
  • I love reading and read every evening, on a journey and when I’m on holiday. My favourite genres are fiction, thriller and romance.
  • I enjoy being outdoors and going for long walks. It helps me to escape for a little while and spend some time with David.
  • I like to know I am doing anything to the best of my abilities and am passionate about learning. I enjoy having a goal set and something to aim for.
  • I enjoy spending time with my family, Brother Brad, his girlfriend Laura, Nephew Charlie and my parent’s. David and I are very close to our families and enjoy going on holiday with them or just popping round for a cup of tea.

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