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Project Description

Jacqui Boniface

Wellbeing Worker

What people like about me

  • Very positive person – always smiling
  • Looks on the bright side of life
  • Has compassion in abundance
  • Honest, reliable and a good sense of humour

What is important to me

  • My husband is very important to me – he is the other half of the lynch pin that keeps our
    family together

  • My family are very precious to me, especially my Mum and my children, and their partners.
    The light of my life is my granddaughter. My friends are important to me and finally, my
    dog Harmony

  • A good day for me is going to bed tired but happy – or at least content that I’ve done my

  • I love big family get-togethers and putting on a huge feast which my family tease me about
    but I don’t want anyone to go hungry!

  • My favourite past-times are walking my dog on the beach and spa days with my daughter

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